Penetration Testing

About Penetration Testing

Our experienced team of ethical hackers manually assesses your system to identify possible breach points and weaknesses. The way hacker tries to invade is imitated to test the security in an effective way. Being able to see from hacker’s perspective, allows us to mitigate all chances hacking and attack on your online data and information. The main objective of our practitioners is to penetrate into your systems and find loopholes all possible means that an actual hacker might do and then fix those loopholes.

TechaBoo offers three types of penetration testing

  • White Box Testing In this Test we are provided with server information, network details, operating system details, etc by our client.
  • Black Box Testing This type of testing does not require details of server, network or application. It is up to the skills and expertise of experienced technical persons of TechaBoo to perform the testing.
  • Grey Box Testing As the name suggests it is the mixture of both white and black box testing. Here we use white box testing techniques to assess the private systems of your organization which are not publicly accessible but a hacker can get into them through malfunctioning. The web services and other network controls are tested using black box testing techniques.

Mobile Penetration Testing

The use of mobile has increased in the past few years and now it has become an essential part of everyday business. Everyone is using multiple mobile applications which involve transfer of private data. This has increased the need of mobile application testing as downloading the application can bring malicious virus attack risks with it.

We intend to keep you phones, tablets and smartphones safe by protecting the information stored on them. Our services for mobile application penetration testing are:

  • Testing for popular devices like iPhone, Android and windows Phone
  • Usage awareness
  • Penetration testing
  • Security audit

Web Application Penetration Testing

Big organizations use multiple web applications for digitization and performing important tasks. These applications involve the transfer of sensitive data and information of your company and customers that can be a great loss if compromised. That’s why, it is important that your web applications are fully secured and leave no room for breach.

We perform a comprehensive manual web penetration testing by scanning and gaining access. Our team mimics a real cyber-attack identifying the vulnerabilities and weak points that malicious hacker will use to attack. Weak points of your application’s components like source-code, back-end network and database are identified and effective ways to mitigate them are adopted which ensure a fully secured web application.

Network Penetration testing

The world is focused on getting people connected and for that different kinds of internal or external networks are established. This gives space to external threats that can breach the firewall and gain access to your confidential information.

Network penetration testing identifies all the loopholes in your networks, hosts and devices which then allow us to take measures against all kinds of threats. In Network Penetration testing we offer:

  • Internal Penetration testing
  • External Penetration testing

Cloud Penetration testing

With the advancement in technology, cloud based applications have become the need of time. With this convenience, the risk of your information being compromised has increased. To ensure round the clock security of your cloud, they need to have upgraded security control making sure your cloud withstand the cyber-attacks. We devise a detailed plan involving internal and external penetration tests on your cloud to make sure it stays protected from all kinds of maliciousness.

We offer:

  • Multi Cloud Security
  • Data Protection, User Access Management
  • SaaS Pen test
  • IaaS and Paas Pen test
  • Internal Pen test
  • External Pen test